• Image of Focus On The Good Leather Key Chain

We all face challenges—whether big or small, every now and then or every day. It’s how we confront them that makes all the difference. When I became legally blind, I had to keep telling myself to ‘Focus on the Good’ rather than dwell on the bad. Something as trivial as driving was a blessing I once took for granted, and will never be able to do again. That is why I have created this keychain; as a reminder that even the smallest details of our lives affect the bigger picture—and we need to be thankful for these seemingly inconsequential things.

Handmade tan leather keychain - hand stamped on a leather fob approx 2" x 3". Finished with a leather sealant.

Get a keychain for yourself, get one for a friend, so you and your loved ones never lose sight of what’s really important.

A portion of each purchase will go toward LHON research.